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to the next generation of the haulage industry with Movezen!

Working with sustainability in mind.

Operating sustainably is a top priority at Movezen. We commit to industry-standard carbon neutrality by 2030, starting with vehicles no older than 10 years and meeting Euro VI engine standards at launch. By 2026, 25% of our fleet will run on eco-friendly fuels, increasing annually to achieve an all-electric vehicle lineup by 2030. Our UK depot will rely solely on renewable energy, and on-site practices include eliminating single-use plastics, promoting water refill stations, and encouraging eco-friendly driving among staff. Our goal is to maintain trailers for over 30 years, sourced from manufacturers using renewable energy and reusable materials.

How do we distinguish ourselves from other transportation companies?

Movezen Logistiek is working on a distinctive and modern industry approach that maintains essential fundamentals. We prioritise feedback from drivers and consumers, fostering an environment for continuous growth and improvement.


Our competitive pricing, net-zero goals, collaborative work environment, use of cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to setting a new industry standard make us the ideal choice for clients who seek forward-thinking logistics solutions tailored for the future generation.

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